Westminster Group Foundation proudly support AlansAfrica in donating desks to Port Loko Primary School

The Westminster Group Foundation are proud to support AlansAfrica on their project to donate desk and bench sets to Port Loko Primary School in Sierra Leone.

Port Loko is a primary school in Sierra Leone with an attendance of just over 400 children from the 12 surrounding villages. Despite the government being able to pay the teachers and staff, basic amenities such as classroom furniture are not included in their funding.

Before the support given by AlansAfrica, 150 of the children had to either use benches as desks or sit and crouch on the floor, which are very difficult conditions for them to endure whilst trying to do their schoolwork.

With the help of Raging Fever FC, a group of Oxford United fans, we were able to provide 50 desk and bench sets, which each seat 3 children. These 50 desk and bench sets have meant that 150 children no longer have to sit on the floor to work, and this has really improved their day-to-day school life.

AlansAfrica and the Westminster Group Foundation are currently working to try and provide Port Loko Primary School with some more basic classroom furniture and equipment to further improve their quality of education.

Westminster would like to extend our thanks to both AlansAfrica and Raging Fever FC for their support towards this worthy cause.