Westminster Group Foundation pleased to support Momoh, a disabled teenager living in Lungi

The Westminster Group Foundation are pleased to have supported AlansAfrica in providing support to Momoh, a disabled teenager living in Lungi, and his carer.

Momoh is a 20-year-old orphan who suffers from cerebral palsy and polio. He is cared for by an elderly woman who he calls ‘Auntie’. Due to his conditions, Momoh is unable to speak, but he can hear and understand what is being said.

With our support, AlansAfrica have been able to help Momoh and his ‘auntie’ quite a lot over the last few years, by providing money for essential supplies and other important amenities, such as wheelchairs.

Due to the lack of specialist institutions in the area, Momoh’s condition makes it impossible for him to go to school. In order to provide him with a little bit of home comfort, AlansAfrica was able to raise funds to buy him a rechargeable DVD player and a radio to help him pass the time.

Most recently, AlansAfrica raised just shy of £100 to pay for an operation to remove a painful growth on his carer’s wrist. There is no NHS service in Sierra Leone, and without the help of the funds raised, Momoh’s ‘auntie’ would not have been able to afford the operation. Without the operation, the condition would not only affect her life, but also Momoh’s quality of life.

Momoh’s carer has recently received this operation and is making steady progress in her recovery.

The Westminster Group Foundation will continue to provide support to Sierra Leone, as we have done since 2012.