Peter Mackie

Peter is married with 2 grown up daughters. One a scientist and the other an artist, which makes for interesting conversations and helps him keep a balanced view on what is needed to make and maintain healthy communities.

Over the years Peter has been a trustee and chairman of a pre-school, a junior school parent governor and a trustee of a large independent church. He is currently an active member of his local playing field association and is a board member of Cherwell Community Land Trust, a charity that provides affordable housing and provides training and new skills for people wishing to build their own homes. He is also involved with a community outreach project in Banbury called the ‘Hill’ that is offering social and educational opportunities to young people.

To keep himself occupied with the rest of his time, Peter is Managing Director of a company focused on delivering practical disruptive business solutions that reduce energy use and environmental damage. He is passionate about finding and introducing improved ways of thinking and working that provide benefits for the whole of our global community.

Peter joined as a founding Trustee of the Westminster Group Foundation in 2014.