Westminster Group Foundation Restores Clean Water Access for Community in Sierra Leone

Westminster Group Foundation, working with Alan’s Africa has completed the restoration of an important water well at the Westminster Community Secondary School in Sierra Leone.

The well was in an unusable state, with the nearest available clean water being almost half a mile away. Restoration included the removal of a large quantity of debris and the installation of a concrete top, inspection cover and pump handle mechanism. Completed in just three weeks, the project marked a significant improvement to quality of life for the community.

Although the well is situated on the school site it will be available for use by the local community and is estimated that about 300 people will benefit.

Community members, including parents and local leaders, expressed their gratitude for the positive change. Looking ahead, the Foundation remains committed to further improvements, including plans for a water harvesting system, a community garden project, and the construction of another classroom. This ongoing effort highlights the Foundation’s dedication to supporting the community’s needs in Sierra Leone.

Find out more about Alan’s Africa here: www.alansafrica.co.uk.