The container arrives at Calvary School

GAGA News 17_01This week Westminster transported a container from the docks to the airport and under the supervision of Mick Oxlade the goods were unloaded and 100 boxes of donated goods will now be distributed. The REALLY good news is that the empty 20 foot container was taken to Calvary Community School for them to use as a secure storage facility freeing up a classroom that is currently being used for that purpose. A very excited and grateful Pastor Mark was over the moon with the news about the donation of the container.

GAGA News 17_02HUGE sincere thanks to Westminster Group PLC for this fantastic donation and for all their continued support.

All that needs doing now is to offload it, but with no crane on the lorry in true Sierra Leone style you just get on with it. Health & Safety is a priority as you can see by the high visibility tabard.

Quite a crowd gathered to watch but with supervision from Mick, Dickie, Shane & Moses of Westminster Aviation Security Services & Pastor Mark on hand what could possibly go wrong?

GAGA News 17_05These may not seem very exciting pictures to us, but for everyone at Calvary School this means so much. They can now clear the classroom and start using the container to store items. In September they will start using the classroom for education purposes. A really big thank you to everyone at Westminster Group PLC for this fantastic donation which will “make a real difference”.