Roll Out The Barrel

GAGA-News-March-2013_01This 10 year old lad is carrying 20 kilos of water – he has just walked half a mile with it from the local standpipe BUT it doesn’t have to be like this.

On my first trip in 2005 I saw this time and time again but when I returned in 2006 I took some Rotary rollers with me BUT transporting them out has always been an issue. However with the support of the Westminster Group I was able to send 23 out by sea freight and whilst in Freetown I distributed them with Pastor Mark from Calvary School in Lunghi, a really good friend of mine.

GAGA-News-March-2013_02Rotary Rollers with their new owners whilst other children carry water the traditional way!!

I hope to send many more Rotary Rollers out to Freetown in the future to help improve the daily chore of children carrying water long distances.

Thank you to Adrian at Roll Out The Barrel for donating the barrels & Westminster Group for all their support with the shipping of goods.