Rice presentation

WASS team led by DASM john Drummond was warmly welcomed by the Paramount chief and his kinsmen and were ushered into the chiefdom local court venue which was utilised for the presentation ceremony. SDM Ibrahim Koroma made a brief statement on behalf of the Company explaining the imperative need for WASS to work side by side with the local authorities in the fight against EBOLA wherein he made mention of the holding centre constructed by WASS for the chiefdom as an excellent approach to mitigate the rampant spread of EBOLA. DASM John spoke on the importance of WASS contributing to the fight against EBOLA


  • The local chief in charge of the section where the Paramount chief hailed from in the person of Pa Alimamy Kapen expressed sincere thanks and appreciations to the entire WASS family for the unflinching support in the fight against EBOLA, and stated also that the chiefdom is appreciative of the fact that WASS has provided employment facilities for the youths.
  • The Paramount chief reiterated that WASS has contributed immensely to promote community development, Notwithstanding, the chiefdom is anticipating to initiate a chiefdom partnership society wherein they will be looking into sourcing/soliciting assistance for the award of scholarship for educational pursuit for sons and daughters of the soil in the future, they will attract the attention of company /agencies based in Lungi.

Finally, DASM John, presented the ten sacks of rice to the Paramount chief on behalf of WASS as a good will gesture in the fight against EBOLA, and subsequently photographs were taken

Rice Donation