Liverpool School gets Government recognition

Government recognition was approved at the start of the academic year in September and has just been confirmed.

The Ministry of Education was so impressed by the infrastructural development at both the Liverpool Junior & Secondary schools, which has taken place in the last few years, hence the recognition.

The majority of the teachers are expected to be paid by the ministry, with effect from January 2020 but there are five junior school & six senior school who are left outside the scheme as there are not adequate funds to pay all staff in the country. The school will also receive items such as exercise books and core subject textbooks.

This is a GREAT step forward for the community and has justified all the investment at the school. Since 2013, when Alan Wolstencroft first visited the School and started the funding of the building & equipping of:

  • 10 classrooms all with water harvesting
  • 2 toilet blocks including water harvesting and hand wash stations at each of the blocks
  • an office/staff room/store
  • installation of a hand pump and improvements to the water well
  • a library & laboratory for the Secondary school complete with water harvesting system
  • a Junior school library room complete with water harvesting system
  • installation of mains electricity to 9 rooms
  • a security wall to form a school compound

In addition we have funded:

  • over 1,400 textbooks to both libraries
  • “Sunny Girl” project – supplying sanitary pads enabling 300 girls better access to education
  • several refurbishment programmes

Mr. Solomon the Headteacher said “Mr Alan, your commitment in supporting Liverpool schools has made a significant change and progress in the lives of the children in our community and we will remain ever grateful to you and all your donors for Making A Real Difference”.