Current Projects

In October last year whilst our Trustee, Alan Wolstencroft, was visiting Sierra Leone to check on two school projects that he is supporting, he commenced a further school project.  The Foundation had received a request for financial assistance for a proposed new classroom building from a school located near Lungi International Airport, where Westminster Aviation Security Services (part of The Westminster Group) manage the Security contract.

The school is a junior secondary school with an age range of 10 – 16 and does not have enough classrooms to cater for all the children on the role, therefore the school has to run a two shift system with the younger children in the morning and the older children attending in the afternoons.  In each of the classrooms there are about fifty children squeezed in which is not conducive to learning.

The school want to build an additional 6 classrooms but after discussions with the Foundation it was agreed that initially we would support them to build 2 classrooms and then re-assess the situation.

The total estimated cost for the 6 classrooms was £21,000 but by building 2 rooms at a time it may be slightly more expensive. The school receives no government funding but had generated £2,000 towards the project and since the start of the build have raised additional funds and are continuing to try and raise even more. The Foundation agreed to support the school with donations towards the project and it was agreed to release this in 3 tranches dependent on progress reports and photos.

Work began on 6th November and progress has been very good, especially when you consider that ALL the concrete blocks are made on site and that everything is done manually.

At the present time we are looking to raise a further funds to complete the ceilings and painting the building and then we will need to furnish it. We do however have some plastic stacking chairs and school tables in a sea freight container heading for Freetown and these should be adequate for these first two classrooms.

We will keep you informed regarding progress and if you are interested in supporting the project please make a donation online here  or contact us on